Tender Crossings | 2021 | Super 8, digital, b&w, sound

In a world of merciless sun and harsh shadow, night is the time when people escape the heat and gather in resilience. An ecology of the borderlands space in the town of Nogales told through portraits of those who are born of the duality embedded in its landscape.

Currently in production.

Trailer available upon request.

Green Turns Brown | 2020 | Super 8, color, sound

A portrait of Luchita Hurtado towards the end of her life as she contemplates the in-between space of the unknown that awaits us all.

Currently in post production.

Alejandro & Miguel | 2019 | 16 mm, color, sound

Multigenerational borders manifest both emotionally and vocationally in the relationship between Miguel Bencomo and his fourteen-year-old son Alejandro. In this portrait of ranch life in the town of Casa Grandes, Mexico, questions rise surrounding love, connection, escapism and the inherited responsibility of family lineage.

Festivals, Screenings & Awards: Tacoma Film Festival (Honorable Mention for Best Short Documentary), JellyFest LA (Best Short Documentary), Brooklyn Film Festival, ICDOCS, REDCAT, Visions du Réel Media Library 2020, Two Journeys Film Program (Vienna, Austria/Los Angeles, CA), Vision Maker Media Firelight Media Workshop, Blue Danube Film Festival, Shorts After The Flaherty Seminar: Action, UNIONDOCS, Creative Artists Agency Moebius Festival     

Link available upon request.