Green Turns Brown (2021) | Super 8, color, sound, 6 min

Green Turns Brown is a sensory eulogy to the late artist Luchita Hurtado, whose work was discovered at the age of 97 in a storage unit in San Bernardino and immediately gained notoriety during the final years of her life. Shot several months before the artist's passing, the Super 8 film explores her oscillation between visibility and invisibility as a female painter mirrored in her observations on mortality and its connection to the duality she found in the natural world. It is an encounter with Hurtado's final contemplation on what she called, "the border between life and death".

Festivals & Screenings:
DOK Leipzig 
Images Festival 
Film Diary NYC 
SF DocFest 
Footprints: Flaherty Screening 
Tacoma Film Festival 
Rhode Island School of Design